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Collections Of Funny Saying That Will Make Your Day

1.Your current facebook location is London.Your school is Ekiti state university.You work at MTN, South Africa.Your tweet is always from Malaysia.Your BBM location is in Dubai Your real GPS location is somewhere in Oyo State.But you want God to locate you this year. My dear,where do you want Him to start from?

2.You wear a nice suit everyday, no one sees you.The day you decide to wear an oversize shirt, you will run into 5 of your exes, your primary school mates and your Facebook crush!

3.No sound on earth is louder than the cover of the pot dropping on the floor as you try to steal meat.

4.You think you know all colours until Yoruba people start sending you wedding invitation You'll see something like this: Acid Green on Fuchsia Purple with little touch of Ojuelegba blue. Bride's family to wear Cockroach Brown with Custard Yellow. Groom's family; Jollof Yellow with Fufu White. Friends; Coconut White with Agama Lizard Head. While all other guests should wear Pomo Brown on Alligator Pepper Green with a touch of Onion Purple and Maggi Yellow.

5.The best way to know a Nigerian Girl's real name is to ask for her bank account details... That's when "Natasha Hills" turns to "Chinasa Okoro lobatan."

6.When one's goat gets missing, the aroma of a neighbour's soup gets suspicious!

7.The real meaning of I'm finished is when at night you lock the door to kill a snake and then electricity goes off..

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